Create a Category Template in WordPress Genesis

genesis custom category template

This post explains how to create a page in Genesis framework that lists posts from a specific category and sub categories. The reason you might want to do this is to list only certain category posts on your blog and other category posts on an articles page. Another advantage of using a category-specific page is that you can customize the archive output; for example, you can remove the genesis post meta or post info. [Read more...]

Genesis: How to Modify the Site Description


I recently had a Genesis WordPress project where I needed to add a span tag to the site description (tagline). The Studeopress website explains how to modify the Site Title with a filter but does not explain how to modify the Site Description (Tagline). [Read more...]

bbPress v Simple:Press

WordPress Forum Plugin: Simple:Press

A client recently requested that I install a forum in their WordPress website. They wanted the forum to be integrated with WordPress if possible. After installing and using bbPress and SimplePress, I decided to use SimplePress. Find out why. [Read more...]

How to Customize Genesis Site Map Page

How to Modify Genesis Search Results Page

The default Genesis Archive does a great job of creating a sitemap, but what if you want to modify it? If you’re like me and have only one author on your blog, it seems a little silly to list the authors in the site map. The following tutorial explains how to modify the default Genesis Site Map page. [Read more...]

How to Build a Portfolio for Genesis 2.0

How to Modify Genesis Search Results Page

After years of wrestling around with a cumbersome portfolio page, I decided to create a custom post type for my website portfolio with a featured image and title for the archive page, and custom fields for the site url, and “Built with” icons for the framework and cms the site is built with. Now that all the coding is done, it’s a real time saver.

Update: 08-27-2013 – Thanks to a comment by Nathan, I updated the Portfolio tutorial to use the new Genesis 2.0 Custom Post Type Archive settings. [Read more...]

Joomla 2.5 Can’t Change Menu Item Order

Joomla Menu Order Bug Fix

I just ran into a Joomla 2.5 bug that’s been bugging me. No kidding, I’ve had this problem on several Joomla 2.5 sites. When you try to reorder the items in a menu, nothing happens. If you click the up or down arrow: nothing. If you try to renumber them: nothing. Keep reading if you want the fix. [Read more...]