Siteground Hosting Review: Stay Away


I rarely do hosting reviews unless the host is bad. This is my Siteground Hosting Review: Stay Away.

On the surface, Siteground hosting looks good. And they are for most things except one: their FTP service is extremely slow and inconsistent. For example, sometime when I upload a file, it takes a few seconds, as it should. But more often, it takes 30-60 seconds to upload a file. And I’m talking about small files; eg, 656 bytes.

I called them to complain and got the run around and they said there were no problems. But I’ve worked on about 8 sites on Siteground and FTP is always an issue. It is important to note that I NEVER have this slow FTP problem with wp-engine, Bluehost, Hostgator, DreamHost.

Add an SVG Logo to a Genesis Template


This Spring, I published a tutorial on how to add a Retina logo to Genesis templates. Although Retina logos look great, they’re kind of a pain to set up. You have to create multiple logo sizes and write several media queries. I have moved on to a simplified method: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) logos for Genesis templates. [Read more…]

Migrating to WP Engine to Speed Up My Site


In the good old days of the internet (eg, 4 years ago), I found the standard shared hosting packages on Hostgator or Bluehost to be more than adequate for client sites and for my OWN website. But in the last two years, shared hosting for CMS systems like Joomla or WordPress has gone from more than adequate to adequate to adequate only at certain times. As a result, I moved my site to WP Engine and I’m very happy with the speed. Both the front and back end runs a LOT faster than any shared hosting I’ve used so far. In fact, it runs as fast as the VPS servers I have worked on. [Read more…]

Contact Form 7 Database Review


A couple of months ago, one of my clients started missing important emails from the Contact Form 7 forms on his site. While we worked out how to fix the email problem, I installed the Contact Form DB Plugin. The Contact Form DB Plugin saves all Contact 7 Form Submissions in a unique table in the WordPress database. (The plugin also works with JetPack Contact Form, Fast Secure Contact Form, and Gravity Forms) With the Contact Form DB plugin, you’ll never miss a form submission again due to email or server problems. I highly recommend it. [Read more…]

Review: WP Responsive Menu

Website front with responsive menu expanded

If you want an instant, easy-to-use responsive menu for any WordPress template, look no further than WP Responsive Menu. If you have a simple, single-level menu, you might not need a responsive menu, but if you have drop downs on your menu, it’s a good idea to add a responsive menu that is user friendly to tablet and smart phone users. [Read more…]

Change WordPress Default Image Alignment and Link Type

WordPress Attachment Image Settings

When you upload images to WordPress using Add Media, WordPress automatically links to the image file. What that means is that when you insert the image, there is a link to the original version of the image you just inserted. If the user clicks that image, WordPress replaces the current page with a page displaying the image. Of course, you can easily override this setting each time you insert an image, but there’s is an easy way to change the default setting to no link. [Read more…]

Add Retina Logo to a Genesis Template

Retina Logo on Genisis

Retina or high definition screens are pretty common now. Making your whole site Retina compatible is a major project, but at minimum, your logo and header area should be Retina ready. Genesis Framework templates do not have a function for adding a retina logo.  The following tutorial explains how to add a Retina logo to a Genesis template (Works with WordPress Templates too but you have to find to correct css rules to modify). [Read more…]

Create a Category Template in WordPress Genesis

genesis custom category template

This post explains how to create a page in Genesis framework that lists posts from a specific category and sub categories. The reason you might want to do this is to list only certain category posts on your blog and other category posts on an articles page. Another advantage of using a category-specific page is that you can customize the archive output; for example, you can remove the genesis post meta or post info. [Read more…]