How to Install MAMP on a Mac


I just installed MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), a tool that allows you to view php and database driven websites like WordPress or Joomla locally on your Mac. It’s a great tool, and the price is reasonable: Free or $65 for Pro Version. But the documentation does not explain how to actually set up a site and be able to view it on your Mac. The following tutorial will fill in the gaps and save you a lot of time searching for answers like I did. Thanks to Chris at css-tricks for the video on using MAMP. [Read more...]

Use Safari or Firefox Desktop Versions to View Mobile iPhone Web Pages


How can you test the mobile version of your website using a desktop browser? With mobile browsing at 10% worldwide, your cannot ignore mobile traffic anymore. Luckily, both Joomla and WordPress have mobile plugins to convert your website into a mobile version. Also, many WordPress and Joomla templates come with a mobile version. But if you need to modify the CSS design for your mobile version, you need to use a desktop browser like Firefox with Firebug, or Safari or Chrome developer tools so you can see the CSS rules you need to modify. [Read more...]

Web Site Page Speed: How to Test It. How to Fix it.

How to speed up your website

How to speed up your websiteYour website page speed, how fast your page loads, is important. First, it can positively or negatively affect your search engine rank. Second, it can positively or negatively affect your site visitor’s experience. If your pages load slowly, many visitors will move on. How can you determine your page speed? How can you fix your page speed? [Read more...]

Review: GCalendar, Google Calendar for Joomla

GCalendar Calendar Screen

GCalendar for JoomlaGCalendar for Joomla is a great extension for displaying a Google calendar on a Joomla page or in a module position. Of course, if you have Joomla configured to allow iFrames, you can easily inset the Google Calendar iFrame code, but this method does not allow you to configure the calendar colors: you’re stuck with the Google blue outline of the calendar. [Read more...]