Pagewash: View A Web Page As If You Were Someone Else

Pagewash is a website testing tool that allows you to view a webpage as if you were someone else. Why would you want to view a web page as if you were someone else? The obvious reason is if you are at work and you need to access a website you are forbidden to view at work.

But if you are a website developer or owner, Pagewash is a GREAT tool for testing a website. For example, sometimes when you cannot get a webpage to display correctly or display at all, the reason is that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has not refreshed Domain Name Server (DNS) data and you cannot view a webpage. Pagewash allows you to test the web page as if you were testing from a completely different location and a different ISP.

To use Pagewash, go to and enter the URL of the site you want to view.