Joomla Articles: To add links to a Joomla article

This article expains how to add links to Joomla articles or to other web sites.

Important – This procedure requires that you have JCE Content Editor ( )installed.

  1. In an open article, select the text you want to use as the link text and then click the Edit/Insert Linkbutton.JCE Joomla Editor Insert Edit Link
    Link Text Screen
  2. In the Insert/Edit Linkdialog box, perform one of the following:- To link to another website or URL, enter the URL in the URLfield.- To link to another content item, from the Select Link Type menu, select Article and then select the section and category and article you want to link to.JCE Link Box
    Edit/Insert Link Dialog Box
  3. Select a target for the link.- If you want to link to open in the current window, select Open in this window / frame.- If you want the link to open in a new window, select Open in a New Window.
  4. Click Insert to insert the link.
  5. Open the article on your website and test the link to make sure it links to the correct page.


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