Joomla Articles: To add links within a Joomla article

You can add links within a Joomla article. For example, if you have a long Joomla article, you can add navigation links at the top of the Joomla article. These links will take the user directly to a paragraph or heading in the document.

Important – This procedure is easier if you have JCE Content Editor installed ( ).

  1. In an open article, go to the paragraph or heading you want to link to, and then put your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph or heading.
  2. Click the Insert Anchor icon. Joomla Insert Anchor
    Joomla displays the Insert Anchor Dialog
    Insert Anchor Dialog
  3. Type an anchor name in the Anchor Name field and then click Insert.
    Joomla inserts an anchors in the paragraph.

    Anchor in Text
    Anchor Symbol Indicating the Inserted Anchor

  4. Create link text, select the link text, and click Insert Link Joomla JCE Insert Link Icon
    Joomla displays the Insert Link dialog.Joomla JCE Insert Link Dialog
    Insert Link Dialog