Joomla Articles: To Restrict Access to a Joomla Article

Joomla allows you to restrict access (by user level) to individual articles. For example, you can restrict an article to registered users.

To restrict acccess to a Joomla article:

  1. From the Joomla administration screen menu, select Content > Content Manager.
    Joomla displays the Article Manager screen.
  2. Open the article whose access you want to change.Limit Front End Access to a Joomla ArticleArticle Parameters
  3. From the Parameters > Access Level, select an access level.
    – Select Registered to restrict the Joomla menu item Registered Users
    – Select Special to restrict the Joomla menu item to all User Groups except Guest and Registered; in other words, to all Joomla Administrator Groups – Editor, Publisher, Manager, Administrator.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes and then test the access level you sent.

IMPORTANT: If you restrict an article to Public users, you must provide a way for users to register, or you can register the users yourself from the Joomla administration.