Joomla Menu: To add a Joomla article link to the menu

This tutorial explains how to link a Joomla article to the menu.

  1. On the Menus menu, select mainmenu.
    You can select any menu, but most templates use mainmenu as your main content menu.
  2. Click New.
    Joomla displays the Menu Item screen.
    Menu Item Screen
  3. From the Select Menu Item Type area, click Articles.
    Joomla expands the Articles type to display article choices.
    Add Menu Item Screen
  4. From the Select Menu Item Type area, click Article Layout.
    Joomla displays the Article Layoutscreen.1.5-menu3

    Article Layout Screen: Select an Article

  5. To select an article to link to, click Select.
    Joomla displays the Article Selection screen.
    Article Selection Screen
  6. Click an article to select it.Note – You can limit the article list by selecting a category or section.
  7. In the Title field, enter a title for the menu item. See Figure 24.
  8. In the Aliasfield, enter a title for the page alias See Figure 24.Note – Joomla 1.5 uses the Alias field to create a page title in the URL. For example, if you enter My-New-Webpage in the Alias field, the URL for that page will be something like this:
  9. Select a parent item in the Parent Item list. See Figure 24.
    – If you want the link to be a main menu link, select Top from the Parent Item list.
    – If you want the link to be a sub-link under a main link, select a main link.1.5-menu5

    Article Layout Screen

  10. Click Apply.
  11. Go to your website and reload the page to make sure your new link is visible in the menu.Note – If you want to add a URL to the menu, follow this procedure, but in step 4, select External Link from the Select Menu Item Type area.
  12. If you are satisfied with new link, click Save to save and close the New Menu Item screen.