Joomla Articles: To add a pop-up image to a Joomla article

If you have a large image that doesn’t fit into the 500px width, you can add a popup image. The Popup image functions allows you to put a smaller, thumbnail image on the page. This image has a magnifying glass icon on it. When the users clicks the thumbnail, the larger image is displayed.

Important – This procedure requires that you have JCE Content Editor ( ) and JCE Utilities installed.

  1. In an open article, add a new paragraph.
    To add a new paragraph, put your cursor at the end of an existing paragraph and click Enter. If the paragraph is a heading 1, 2, etc, on the Format menu, click Paragraph.Joomla JCE Content Editor Format Menu
  2. With your cursor in the new, blank paragraph, click Insert/Edit Image.
    Joomla displays the Insert/Edit Imagescreen.Important – If you want the image to float to the left or right of text, place your cursor in the text paragraph where you want the float to begin.JCE Joomla Content Editor Insert/Edit Image Screen
    Insert/Edit Image Screen